Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sand Gardens. I need new beautiful sand. Anybody want to invest in sand with me?

I have a new container I need sand for.
I went to Home Depot. Their play sand is ugly, it's gray, and seedy looking. They no longer carry a nice white sand.  I've been looking around now. I'll need a 100 lb bag to manage this new garden, and it's going to be beautiful.

I found a place that sells, Safe Sand, and they have all colors; amazing, but pricey, and shipping would be as much as the sand which is, gulp, 79.00 for 50 lbs.

I was thinking black or gold.
I am in love with the gold dunes of Morocco, ummm, against the blue sky.. Wow!

Imagine a black sand garden.
But I will get white until I figure a reasonable way to make black or gold myself. I am wondering if I could
or should use my coloring oxides I use in glazes. Might not be safe. I'll see.
I think either would be nice for my new garden, but I can't tell you about it, you have to come bac

But imagine a black sand gardens. I will probably get white until I figure out how to get black or make it. I have dyed sand before. Oxides? May not be safe, I'll see After all I have many oxides in the studio.

Bonsal American Se (Wrb) 60Lb Natural Play Sand 15555 Stone & Sand Product


Ideas for outdoor sand box that cats can't mess up.
I had a Weber that was great for little kids to sit in and play.
Screen for 18" Fire Pit
Shinerich Industrial Ltd Fs 35' Rnd Fire Pit Srfp46 Outdoor Fireplace