Thursday, March 24, 2011

Table ware; Japan, Russia.. Lomonosov, France... Rochere, Finland... iittala. Williams Sonoma....Pillivuyt.

My eclectic table; cups and saucers from Lomonosov of Russia. Fanciful swirl cups. I love them, I only have two, colorful plates I found at a thrift from Japan, hand painted, I only bought 3 of 6.. ??

The white plates are French Pillivuyt Queen Anne from Williams Sonoma, but I warn you, (an aside here) they are used at the store, and they scrounge them up from everywhere, you Don't get new dishes.
 I bought 4, thats $112.00, and I had to take 3 back, one was scratched so bad it's unimaginable how it could happen, to me, and I work with clay and glazes. The others were just scratched, but new isn't scratched. Not only that, (and I have had businesses, and worked in gourmet), and we never sold display stuff as new, It isn't new it is used.

 I tried to review this information for their online reviews, and they wouldn't accept it. I wrote to Pillivuyt, and it is being looked into. The manager, (who I really like) at my local WS store wasn't very understanding that I'd want 'new' mdre for 'full' prices??? Hmm. I know it isn't her policy to sell used dishes though.

So I'll review it here for all of you, maybe they will get it worked out, But I can tell you, those dishes at Williams Sonoma are NOT in good shape. Pillivuyonly sells the Queen Anne line there. I love the pattern, and I have long loved and used Pillivuyt, but I wish I hadn't bought them now as I need more from time to time and don't want used mdre.

Back to the picture, The amythyst glasses are from Frances oldest glass works, Rochere.  They make the cool bee glasses you see everywhere now. It's heavy durable glass.

The glass bowl and lovely blue glasses are from Finland's oldest glass works, Nuutajärvi. (I used to sell these at my store). I sold Pottery from Tunisia too when they first exported to the US, and I have pieces that are historical, since that potter died. Now Williams Sonoma has some pieces, but they are not nearly as nice as what I had at my store, which was in the 80's and 90's.  Because the potter died the whole outfit went out of business and they didn't export to us again until recent years. They sold lovely sconces, and lamps of terra cotta, jewelry, and I was getting ready to sell their berber rugs when the business collapsed. He painted fushias on his couscous sets (bowls), no one could do what he did. Imagine a business here going going bankrupt because the potter died.

 The Blue patterned bowl, Japan.

Place mats are new, and handmade as most of my stuff is, info on that later.  Port Townsend is where I got them. They have really nice ones with cool indian-ish designs for 5.00 each. I needed plain , My rugs are patterned enough.

But what do you think, too much going on? So far it is my spring look..I have so many interesting things from all over the world, I don't care to do a boring matching thing, but I do like to get it together, I will be working on it. To be honest I need new Pillivuyt  pieces, but that is on hold due to Williams Sonoma's used dishes.