Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Oregon Coast, The powerful peaceful ocean, the Pacific.

Inn at Arch Rock in Depoe Bay has a nice water feature. The ocean.  
Owners make fresh pastries for breakfast. 
The room here, cottage, 2 queen beds. 
They aren’t comfortable. But they look nice. 
Should replace mattresses. 

The table is perfect.  
Morello’s at Nye Beach.  Hsndmade pasta. 
Good pizza. Good service. 

Arch Rock stand holds everything. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast  this week. Newport and Depoe Bay etc.

Cape Perpetua and Depoe Bay, the Oregon Coast

Waves were over 20’ today...

Large waves boomin’ on the bay. Cape Perpetua.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Newport Aquarium Newport Oregon.

Today at the Aquarium in Newport I met an interesting environmental biologist. 
I think his name was Brad. Had an intruguing conversation and got away with no info. 
His work consists of creating natural habitats I’d say for properties and home owners.
 He works out of Portland oregon. 
Facinating and rewarding conversation. 
Well.. for lack of more info I present the aquarium.

 It’s a great little aquarium. 

Nye at Newport, Colette, Twain, Tan, Shelley. Sylvia Beach, a destination.

To me, Sylvia Beach is not a place to sleep. 
It’s a destination place. Home away from home. 
I have to applaud the ladies who found this old hotel and 
Made it into this warm inviting home for sluggish book readers and 
Would be writers if not live writers! 
Stay and be at home, nap with Shelley, read and write, enjoy. 
I think they make a good profit but to be sure maintenance and staff etc is high. 
They’ve done something meaningful with their lives offering the Sylvia Beach at Nye.
Thanks to you ladies, I was happy to meet you, and your staff are all tremendous too. 

A view from Twain’s room 
Shelley , cat napped or cat napping? 

Reading room and Twain’s clawfoot. 

Colette, and Tan below. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lake Crescent

Lake and Lodge. 
I hang here quite a bit. 
For decades. 
I bring friends here and create good memories here as well. 

On this day the sun came out and wow. Black and white vanished. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Paul Allen

Paul Allen
Always hoped I might meet this man.
He was born on my birthday but not the same year.
He was an inventive conceptualists personality type INTP, same as me.
I was fascinated with his contributions
To our area and humanity and that he saw no need to wield political power.

I wish he hadn't been ill and had to leave so soon.
My condolences to the area and to his sister and family. 
Thanks Mr Allen, for being.

When autumn comes I'll think of you.
A man as large as a mountain. I'm
Sure you had many friends and fans.
I was only one out here in Mukilteo area.

North Cascades Highway. Cascade Pass. And an alpine lake near Mazama Where I hiked recently.