Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day is about Having a Heart, not breaking them.

Hearts can be Broken's Appropriately National Heart Month.

February is heart Month

Did you know people can die of a broken heart? 


Read about it. And consider these songs telling it like it is..

Christina Perri
Jar of Hearts

Losing Touch

Blow me one last kiss, Pink

Broken heart

Somebody that I used to know

Try, Pink

Locked out of heaven

To name a few current songs. For those who're thinking of lying, or believing some bodies lies. Consider who you're fooling is only yourself. But who you hurt may come back to you in a big karmic way. 
As a friend says, karma's a _ _ _ _ _!

Don't break hearts. ...

Love doesn't just...
Hand out phone numbers in an REI store
believing whatever they want to hear and go around deluding themselves of being :

Beautiful (in particular)
And having a PHD
Or stuff like that.... Can't find That song? 

But basically deluded people  usually are deluding only themselves. 

And then hurting other and,.. themselves, in the end.

Valentines Day is about Having a heart, not about Breaking them!