Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paradise, and it's autumn

Paradise Inn

A world in a pool of tadpoles. How will they survive? 

The mountain and Nisqually Glacier. 


Mountain and Meadow

Hoping to get a new iPhone
($$ darn phones). But handy. 
Altho I'm still concerned with foolish changes since Steve's no longer there to make sure this stuff doesn't happen. 

Haven't looked at them yet. Thinking larger screen one is best. Hoping for more mp. 

Anyway for my usage iPhone is an ok camera. 

Sad no mums this year to grow Kiku. 
I was just getting the hang of it. 

But I've been working with my guru. 
He says sitting is important. 
Well he doesn't say, he just sits a lot. 
He's my cat! ;)

Summer was too short this year. What happened? I'm a bit annoyed that it didn't last longer. 

Ideas and concepts are coming and going and in not finding the help I need to create what I think is important for community and a better world. 

Obviously something needs to be started. The structure is too structured and behemoth. 

My ideas are often if not always too big. 
But they're carefully considered. 
I have a backup plan though, my usual varied studies and interests, and challenges. Challenges
That at times seem ridiculous
Situations others create because, to put it nicely, they're boneheads. 

I had a nice hike up to Glacier vista just at sunset on the mountain. The sun was a red orb. 
Met some nice folks and enjoyed the lodge. 
Dining experience not worth it. 
But loved the little mountain view room. 

It closes soon for winter.