Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trees of Mt Rainier, and other the Mountain...

Bones of the Mother

This grassy stuff grows near a hot spring that oozes chemicals.. hmm?

Box Canyon at 115 ft here, so if a Douglas Fir or a Western Red Cedar were at the bottom,
full grown they would tower over by 85 ft.
That's perspective..
A Western Red grows 6 ft a year, and consumes 600 gallons of water a day!
These monster trees that were mostly taken out a long time ago
were like giant generators or processors that purified our air, and were efficient for flood control.
The Oxygen in the woods is incredible, and it's good to realize that our oxygen
levels are way down compared to 100 years ago..
People need oxygen.
Cancer is on the rise, partly due to lower levels of oxygen.

The Mountain!
14410 ft. above sea level

she's a volcano so don't make her mad!

Douglas Fir grow to about 200 ft. The bark is very deeply rutted.

A Cedar has fallen into a Douglas Fir..

waaaay up there!!!