Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Storm Hits and Transformers go down Everywhere last night. Power still not up at 9:00 am.

At Ivars, talk was about the night in 2003 when wind was coming from a similar direction and it wiped Ivars restaurant out. 

I was there that night too, watching the storm when waves were going over the building and logs were bumping on the floor below the restaurant. 

When suddenly, not far from where we were standing watching the storm, (as everyone was, customers not customering^, waiters, not waiting), eyes transfixed, the floor came up into two pieces in the area closest to the ferry and towards the street. 

Then they started herding people out. 

I was calm, asked a tall man in front of me to affix the door open. 

There was a bucket of water in the middle of the floor, the side door escape route. Dorothy kicked it over. I don't know why. 

I think the employees were not calm. Ivars didn't remain "Clam", as their motto says. 

Later the complete building was down and water was rushing uphill. A few years later, maybe 3? It was completely rebuilt to undergo these rigors. 

However last nights storm wasn't as bad as the one in 03. 

Still, businesses are closed except for latte stands. Gas stations. 

I'm in my car reporting from my phone charged via automobile. 

There's no wifi at home and no phone connection there.
 (pretty much the norm with Comcast and Verizon) 

I'm at the beach now and I'll post photos tomorrow of beach life the day after the storm. ( the rest of the story).