Thursday, October 15, 2015

Le Pichet in Seattle above Pike on 1st

I'd been told of Le Pichet and finally came for dinner.
I wasn't planning on going but plans shifted from a too casual
visit to, (what do we do now?), in Seattle.
Naturally, looking at Trippin Shoes are always on my radar,
and next door is Le Pichet.
It's not for everyone.
But it's for me!
My entire upbringing as a child eating amazing interesting
unconventional multi cultural food
set me up for this delight.

The wine list is French of course and almost every
wine is sold by the glass.
 Perfect for experimenting.
I suspect you can't go wrong.
I'll be buying my vino from them henceforth.
Most wine is not worth bottling in my experience, French and Italian are my favorites.
No Two buck chuck for me!

Throughly enjoyed this simple dining experience.

The whipped cream with the chocolate, you won't
find  in a carton at the grocer.
You can make good old fashioned whipped cream
From the cream in the glass bottle
From a local dairy.