Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thee Venerable checks out the suzani

Everything has to pass his inspection

Some visitors know that I'm
A collector, and, well, a solitaire, (Alan Watts terminology)
among other things; ( inventor, conceptualist, artist, philosopher, and that I'm
Very interested in such things as libraries, and community, combined with arts. 

Of course this place doesn't exactly exist although, Howard Taylor (SAMFA)
wanted to accommodate my ideas in a community where I once lived, but I moved so wasn't there to detail it out so it floundered and never became the connected community I had envisioned. 

But I'd still like to do it, and of course I have great ideas for central Asian art to be a part of that. 
But I'm only one part. Without a strong collaborator, someone interested in broad community ideas, I can do nothing really. I need another visionary to help me and to back it. 

So if it happens fine. If not. I'll do something else since I always have many irons in the fire. 

Meanwhile, I was measuring this suzani when The Puddha adopted it. Made in Uzbekistan, on the Silk Road. All silk hand embroidery. 

Oh yes, thinking about fall at Shuksan too. 
I'm going to try to get some Chain Lakes backpacking in
Before snow falls there. Last I hiked in I was rained out.

Here's my fuzzy friend ...

Hihihihi, "I'm just touching it", must be the caption.