Sunday, February 2, 2014

:-( No mums for next year...Paul Allen, Kings Mums needs your help!!!

Kings provides a very special service in our country. They're growers of these amazing chrysanthemums (Kiku) of outstanding cultivation and quality. 
They have a problem with their stock this year, and can't get the plants out. 
It's very sad and I would hope they could get help to cover this loss somehow because what they do is very important by way of contribution. 

These are mums  I grew last year. I've been growing them for 3 of 4 years. Completely new at it but learning. 

So if anyone knows some person who is a philanthropist send them to Kings to support their cause.

Maybe Paul Allen will be up to it after his Seahawks team win!
Call me Paul. I'd love to meet you!