Monday, January 26, 2015

Time to order Kiku starts

New couple owns Kings Mums. 
I'm glad they'll be available once again. 
I think they need a program ppl can use online to order efficiently. 

I can give them the information but not sure they'll have time or resources to do it. They're very busy and may not have enough hands to manage it all. So I hope help will just show up. 
Anything can happen. 

Call them to order a paper catalogue. 
I'll pick
Mine out eventually. 
Let the planning begin!!

 *** UPDATE Jan 27, 2015
The  new owners are having some difficulties getting  licenses for selling the patented mums. It seems the organization responsible, (I'm guessing), hasn't been very responsible. 
The new owners sent out catalogues thinking they only required an inspection. I  am curious about this patent business, who is selling them if the cost is to sell 33,333 cuttings a year? And how will those holding patents make any money if they have such a high policy for sales?

 These certain mums are patented cultivars, and the list is not short, of what they will be unable to sell. I wonder if the past owners knew about this or if they grandfathered in  or what? But the organization that own the patents I guess require annual sals of 33,333 plants a year. (isn't that an odd number?)

I hope for the sake of these young people that there's a misunderstanding. They have bought Greenhouses and etc and set up a big business only to come so far as to be excluded this way.
 It is really a shame.

If you can help, please lend a hand.
 These flowers are very important. Thanks..