Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bumble bee and 9 other hot air balloons in snowy Winthrop!!

I was driving in the countryside when I first spotted the balloons. What a great idea, I thought, ballooning over the snow.
That night four balloons filled the streets of the small town and people appeared in throngs to enjoy the hot breathe of the balloons and the bright designs and colors they offered. 

In the morning there were again seen in the early morning sky. And at the time I had been dreaming of ballooning myself. I've always wanted to balloon.. And snow, tulip fields and safari seem like the best choices.

I hope I'll get to go, I've wished it since college when I received a letter from the clouds saying they had waited for me to join them via balloon. One of my imaginative friends.

Other than balloons, the snow was lovely, and the stars were big and beautiful. A treat for me. I had a great time and now I'm thinking I'd like a hot air balloon to take me back to Winthrop and drop me off for dinner and I'll get a room and stay for a few days until someone comes to pick me up ;-)
.... maybe another balloon?

Sorry my photos aren't close enough to see the balloons, but I'll post links below the photos..

Colorful balloons: