Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hoping for a better New Year.

One portion of a lawsuit brought on by 'The' new homeowner in the neighborhood (5 years ago who cut the trees here) has gone to court and I won.
The ruling has been that this is a case of fraud.
Well, no kidding. So after all this time plus so much money being spent and lawyers being paid large sums of money, finally there is the go ahead on this issue of fraud which no lawyer should even have taken because there was no case.

It's amazing things like this are even possible.
If it weren't for people who have a sense of entitlement this would not occur.

I'm being vague for a reason of course but still letting people know a bit of what's been going on here.

Still these same neighbors are trying to take property as well. They are as tenacious as dobermans.
They first tried to take another neighbors property. This, as soon as they moved in the neighborhood.

I can't tell you how grueling this has been. And how expensive. But this one court date was $10,00.00. Total it has Been more than twice that. Three lawyers, one with a conflict of interest, who died.

This couple, neighbors, are professionals, she is an orthopedic surgeon in Everett. He an engineer at Boeing. I'd love to name them to be honest but feel the timing is not yet. They have cut trees here more than 3 times, not only with no real consent, but without even asking, just caught three neighbors in the back yard one day, with a pine topped and daodora's all cut unprofessionally, 9 of them.  When caught, he said," well I knocked, but no one answered the door". Honestly , this is what he said. He was told never to do it again, but was caught several more times. He claims that as a prospective buyer, he received permission to cut the tree anytime he wanted. He had the sellers and realtor sign statements that there was a formal meeting where this was agreed to. I feel like I'm dealing with people from Mars.

Then they decided to sue for lack of view and to take property. They ran up legal bills etc and basically made a menace of themselves, and because they have more money. I'm so very tired of this. The stress has made me ill.

So I'm not blogging so much these days, or traveling much or anything. The quality of my life has been punctured by aggressive neighbors.
Thank goodness for this win. I honestly hope these people have to spend time behind bars.
This has been extremely injurious.
I am just exhausted.
So let me wish any friends who show up a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!!