Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A piece of my Japan

I thought I'd post a bit of my past here today.
 This is a link to a restaurant I was in in Japan many years ago. 1992
I almost married the man whose family this restaurant belonged to, and I have fond memories of this city in Nagaoka prefecture.

I might scan some photos of Japan long ago to include here oneday.
I think I have a photo of me being fitted for a kimono at a kimono show here.

Ok, I have a few of me here in Nagaoka (prefecture)  I'll post today to go with this link..
I have so many stories I could write about this time of my life, and Japan could be a mysterious book of it's own. What a beautiful country Japan is.

Oh, the story of this kimono pattern which is very ancient, and my own porcelain bowls designed with black and white twisted ribbons, (of my own intuitive inclinations) was the very reason I met this man to begin with. Neither of us knew then that this pattern was Japanese, or ancient Japanese for that matter.

It made for an intriguing discovery in Japan, and a romantic foreshadowing it was in retrospect for a couple who meet over a few interesting bowls in gallery in a West Texas town, and who fell in love.

Not the usual topic of this blog..but maybe it adds some needed spice...!

I liked these photos done in black and white, for some reason. The kimono I am pictured in is silk, black and white, and it is hand tied dyed, it's called shibori. Later an obi in red's, greens and gold was added, colorfully depicted with chrysanthemums.
 (Now I am trying to cultivate, beautiful Japanese chrysanthemums.)

This photo was taken at my fiancee's restaurant which was very popular in town, and served a special very popular dish,  shabu shabu. Which I think means to wash. Thin slices of meat and beautifully prepared vegetables would be washed ( slightly cooked) at your table. I have other photos I could scan in, I think showing the process.

Below, a photo is me at a french restaurant in Nagaoka........