Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pike Place Market, Moroccan Bazaar, Dar Salaam

Where is Saiah? He's no longer at Pike Place, he lost his space. What a shame for Pike Place.
Dar salaam, Saiah, where are you?
I'm going to go see Victoria at Harem Off Broadway. Shell know where to find him.
See my post entitled Harem for info on her new location.

Tucked away in behind Post Alley is this Moroccan Bazaar, 'Dar Salaam', 
 (you can remember that name easy)
 if you can't go to Morocco, you can at least go here, 
 Saiah will literally take you on a tour that will whet your appetite for more. 
He is from Morocco, right in the middle of Fes, actually,  
you'll feel almost like your in Fes just talking to him. 

Saiah is also a guide who arranges trips to Morocco, and so if you're going, 
you may want to tell him I sent you to meet him. 
If you aren't going, just go buy some beautiful ancient  designed pottery from him. 
Fes is one of the oldest places on earth to have worked in ceramic  and are known for mosaics, 
which everyone knows 'I am' infatuated with. 

Has bowls of all sizes, plates, lanterns, serving tagines, jars, vases, urns, sconces, etc.
He also carries  Henna lamps, rugs, (Moroccan, and Persian) and camel skin poufs/ottomans, and all this beautiful exotic art you see here, tables,  caftans,etc. 

And...... he is having a... 'SALE'.

This cobalt blue bowl likes living with me (below) should enlarge this..
I'd like to  have the large tagine (bottom shelf below) for soups, and  so forth when I have company..
I'll need 'a lot' of company, (large tagine) will you come for dinner?

This large vase it gorgeous, you should go take a look at it, and maybe find one to buy. 

A Moroccan sink basin (left)  would make your whole house special...

This is from the cafe across from Dar Salaam, sit here and have some bathing rama, and a tea, and listen to the music while you decide about your purchases...

Sweet lady at Thai restaurant across from the Dar Salaam.
I like her so much...I took this photo to her today, but it was her day off..
I'll see her another time.