Monday, August 23, 2010

Been a berryin and shopping veggies in the country. LaConner, Swanson Brothers Produce.

 Menu Today:

Boiled red potatoes dipped in a sauce of half mayo and half stone ground mustard
Grilled fresh salmon with dill tarter sauce
Swiss Chard sauteed in Butter and garlic

I have enough for neighbors now, too.
And I'm wondering what to do with the beets. I used to get them for my neighbors at my old neighborhood.
 Do you eat beet greens? These are beautiful.

Picking late Chester (black) berries in LaConner tonight.

I haven't picked in a few years and I've missed it. The berries are now 2.00 a lb. I used to pay 1.00 lb.
The berries open in July with Catata berries, a sweet blackberry,  Waldo blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries of course, and strawberries...The blackberries are usually over 1.5 inches long each. And the vines are thornless. It's like picking jewels from a vine.

Swanson Brothers Farm also sells; chard, beets, kale, potatoes (of several varieties) including yukon gold, russets, and reds. Also carrots, onions, squash; zucchini and a few yellow varieties, cucumbers, both eating and pickling types, green and yellow beans, peas, and apples. One year one of the brothers gave me free rhubarb.

The LaConner turkey's hatched some new 'turklings'. Mom was cute helping her chicks cross the road.

On the way home a beautiful sun set and a full moon rose. Another lovely day.

Tomorrow blueberries in Snohomish.