Friday, May 22, 2015

Old friends

In these photos are examples of chrysanthemum I cultivate.

Garden I've grown.
Ceramic tiles of my design.
A flower called mountain laurel starting to bloom in my yard, and it reminds me of origami and Japan.

And my big suzani ( embroidery) on the wall from Samarkand Uzbekustan. The. Silk Road.

Art is in every corner of my life although I have not lately been making art in the sense that some think of making art.
But that sense narrows art.

Art is life.
Art is a way of perceiving life.
It is not only the action of writing a poem, it is in a certain observation of life that permeates.

So it is an awareness.
And in this we all are artist.
It isn't always necessary to be making and doing.

It is enough to be, alive.
Each person regardless has intrinsic value. We are not only the facade of this body we wear, but we are that which is everything. That which is all.

We are complete.
We are as Naoto says.
Love itself.