Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My birthday week. The celebrations began officially yesterday.

Happy Birthday Aquarians! You're the best and the brightest and the freest and 
Most amazing people. 

My ascendent is Aq too so my feet are nowhere near ground level. 
And my Mars and Mercury are also sponsored by Aquarius. 

Don't let any dreary boring signs pull you down!!

On my birthday.... Swans in the Skagit valley..

I received this (double wave) Tsunami blown glass by David Wight, glass artist who studied at Pilchuck with Chihuly. 
In cobalt. 
A birthday present... Thank you you know who you are. 

I love the jellyfish blown glass too

I've been waiting for a piece I love. 
Chihulys are nice but I'd want an extravagant chandelier so big house essential. 

These are pretty amazing. 
But hmm, I also wanted a beautiful chesterfield leather sofa. 

And I need my Eilerson Arizona love seat and chair redone. I want it done in probably, indigo Italian leather. 

And I still want to build a nice round wooden house. 

And I found this estate in NM
53 bedrooms!!!
Seriously. I need this place for workshops and as an ashram. 

I fully expect the universe will download the money since its impressed the idea so fervently. 

Here's the Suzani wall and tsunami wave! 
Beautiful piece of art and art.