Monday, March 31, 2014

Suzani's and Rugs

Been hanging suzani's lately, weather has been great for indoor activities!
 March we have had 9" of rain!
If it doesn't stop soon, we'll be repainting, instead of gardening!

This one is silk on cotton and it's from Samarkand. 
It's called melon sprouts 
It sports the sun disks which date to pre-Islamic. 
And has elements of the melon vines and sprouts.

This suzani is silk on cotton adras
And it has pommegranite tree motif with bird, butterfly,
And fish. The bright blue in suzani isn't showing in this light. 
This one is Bukhara.

The rug is Qashgai
My favorite from Shiraz region
Natural madder and indigo with some chemical dyes
Amazing talent working with new colors this way. 

This one is Shiraz
Motifs are birds 
Dyes are natural