Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fuchsia, and..How to make a Valentine cake thats Art!

Out In the cold, still blooming away..

Valentines Day soon..

What I do is make a 1 layer red velvet cake, and slice in into two cakes.
(Or make two and end up with a valentine cake for a neighbor).
Then I make a cream cheese or other icing, and fill between the two.

 I use rice paper to make a cut out doily of boys and girls holding hands, and in such a way that there are hearts between them.

These are in a circle and you can do this by folding paper that is round in half, half again and again, about 4-6 times. Then I cut with very sharp scissors into the paper up and down the length and viola I get this beautiful doily that I can't find my photos of now, but you'll figure it out if you try it.

Then lay the doily on to the cake top and sift powdered sugar over it, remove doily and you've got a piece of he/art for your beloved!