Saturday, February 5, 2011

Michael and I, together 4 ever..

         Snohomish years, The farm on 5 acres where we lived for years but were hardly ever there. Once Mike came home and found me siting in the pasture with May, the new pony sitting in my lap. He couldn't believe it. and we did it all the time, May just curled up in my lap. One day he said she would hurt me she was getting too big and he chased her away, and she never sat in my lap again.

               The Elwha where I made a moss bed to lie on..Favorite Places:::
Elwha, Lake Crescent Lodge, Lake Quinault Lodge, Mt. Baker, Mt.Rainier, so many places, we have been everywhere here 2 dozen times at least. Favorite beaches , mountains.. so many hikes and back pack trips.. he is such a loving and faithful partner. I still feel he's as smitten as first day we met....