Monday, September 14, 2015

Home Again for new friends from The Pacific Crest Trail

I may never encounter you again, still, I treasure you three, and friendship and appreciation require no further ado.
Still, crossing paths again would be delightful.

I write these words to commemorate my gratitude for knowing you on our
Drive from Chelan's ferry terminal (via the boat trip from Stehekin) to Everett yesterday.

Being partners to your final journey ending your thousands of miles by foot, I'll fondly remember you and wish your lives well and full of adventures. And to Dan who arranged your transportation,
What an impression he made in his concern for others, myself included.

I'll remember always Vicki, to replace my shoes every 900 miles!

I hope one day I'll find one or all of you here on my blog or at Rialto Beach, or on a train from China to Finland. Or Stehekin one weekend soon.
Who knows where or why we may connect again?