Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last year I was finally able to fix the water problem naturally....

I love it when my ideas are right on. 
Einstein said none of his came from logical thinking. For some of us thoughts come from air. 
We don't need to engineer grand themes when simple beautiful solutions are kind of no brainers. Yet all over the world things get done the hard way. The brutal way, forcing things to bend to mans will. 

At any rate this little garden is the fix for springs that took water under the house. 

I filled in soil conditioner and built a small pond. Estimates to fix this ranged from 8,000.00 up! 

I always trust myself. (Mostly:) 

Money makers always take the hard, expensive path with no beauty to show for it. 

Here is the little garden. 
No flooding this year. 

I look forward to its resurgence come spring. There will be some changes and tweaks.