Friday, August 29, 2014

Wondering where??? Hm, An arts community in This area of the PNW...

Any idea people reading this?

There's a need for an artists community, and I'd like it to be very reasonable, and be here in my area.
You know artists are amazing community builders, so much so that others like to follow them where they go, and in time they actually destroy the arts community, but they love the freedom of being around artists. I am not talking about people who call themselves artists, and have to write by laws, etc. We all know artists are lawless people.. They're also smart and more in tune and sensate, and they  support each other when they are together is an endeavor, and this is how artists really take off.

 So, we need this community, it could be built of tiny houses, and or wooden yurts.

 It should have gardens, and a community building with community kitchen for various things such as canning food, to use, give, or sell.

 It would need places like community arts spaces, kilns, etc.

 If any One reads this, and is interested, and has more experience than I do with building, etc. I would really like to hear from you!

I offer a photos on your behalf..
...and I have this hope you will read this, a certain person;
 ......born the day after me, who is also an INTP...
............... who is very widely known and had immense experience and can do anything!

Harlequin Ducks on The Elwha River some years ago, found while backpacking..

                                                      Please have a me?