Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Backgrounds won't change, oh well... whats new?

I have not been able to change out my blog backgrounds etc in quite awhile. Something isn't working, It says it has been applied, and it hasn't.
It's a little aggravating since I usually change them out seasonally, and I don't like these colors, but it got stuck here in process a long time ago. And my oldest blog I had to basically dismantle because google came in and bought out blogger I guess, and all my work learning HTML and applying it to that blog fizzled out as they wanted to replace all that, apparently with stuff that doesn't work?

 I'm not sure, but I find it boring now to blog mostly that I can't add all the cool side bar stuff I had, and anyway, it was a good learning experience. Thats why, btw, I had many blogs because I was experimenting with colors that blogger didn't have outside of regular templates.

 So, anyway, on this blog it is all about photos anyway as it is a City Daily Photo blog and I add photos from my phone, and so while I'm at it, I just add them to old blogs that aren't the learning grounds they used to be.

So...I will try again to change my colors on this page, but if they remain the same, it's because something isn't working right, and I  cannot be held accountable for uninteresting colors.. Sorry.. lol

And yes, my blogs have been more about learning technical online information than connecting with others, but I do enjoy reading others blogs, but I don't comment very much anymore. Most people don't have time to comment, and I am fine with that, looking around the world at peoples cities and nature scales and way of life is more relevant than jibber jabber, at times..

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