Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mandela of sand and Moroccan chicken with fruits, tapioca pudding.

In thought it began as a leaf 
Days and days and days went by, me walking past and looking at it. 
Then something happened, the art, or life of it. 

It began having seeds
Then roots that grew into the top. 
And then it appeared as a lyre
With vibrations. 
Obviously alive and it was both masculine and feminine. 
It was vibration as well as  manifestation 
Then it flowered. 

That is like us. 
We are that life 
And we must 'allow' what comes to 
Be. No resistance 
Let it be,....
What is needed so we may also flower. 
So that all will flower and see the 
perfection. Be that. 

And here is chicken dinner. 
And dessert.