Thursday, January 30, 2014

Color Of Late

Snowy branches from the snow country

A new suzani, pomegranite.

Shibori obi,... silk tye dye

My appreciation, always  of interest for Japan has only grown since I was a guest there in Nagaoka
Some years ago before moving to Washington.
Since then I've cultivated Kiku and learned about kimono and processes for designing the fabric. Such as shibori shown here.
In Japan I found shibori in black and white twisted ribbons which was quite a synchronicity since I made porcelain pots with black and white twisted ribbons.
I'm fact the gentleman from nagaoka whom I met and visited in the family home of, met me due to seeing my ceramic artwork with twisted ribbons.

To this day I remember this surprise shibori of ancient pattern. I wish I had had the kimono made. And decorated with beautiful Kiku obi. It is because of this obi that I've grown Kiku.

My love of Japan has grown. But I think I'll never return to Japan now.
Still much of me lives and walks the streets and roads of Nagaoka forever.
Japan is like a home to me.
It's beauty resonates with my being.
To my friends there, I will never forget your hospitality.
Thank you.

Uzbek cotton ikat