Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kokono Waza, Rebecca Walker, Don't Start, and Prom King, Kiku from our garden this year.

 Kiku, Japanese mums...

Prom King is the butterscotch cushion mum.

The light yellow round is Rebecca Walker the other bright yellows are Kokono Waza,
The Pink is called Don't Start.

This is our 3rd year of  cultivating these mums
Which are considerable work.
We are away some too so they aren't always
treated just right.

I buy these from
Kings Mums in Oregon City.
They're small starts that require heavy feeding, pruning
and constant dis-budding.
Not all have opened yet. In fact less than half.

I have 21 plants this year I believe.
Stay Tuned!

In addition to cultivating these mums I have other gardens
and I work with clay and sculpt.
Pretty busy here.
 Just back from a week away
 (to buy stones to sculpt, and hammers and chisels).. in Vancouver  BC
We had a really good time there stayed at The Sylvia Hotel.

I started on some short stories as well.
Maybe a screen play?

Life is good if you don't have certain interferences and menaces to contend with.
Oh well, life is full of bugs, eh?

Postponed a trip to The East Coast due to a virus.

But all's well now. Take Care!