Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mums and the pond we built finally the week before the weekend after Mother's Day. We had such a good time building this. We didn't want the week to end. Now it's holding water which would ordinarily go under the house. A water garden ..

Kiku Cultivation, A Japanese art
you may enjoy this video

About my mums, they come from Kings Mums in Oregon City. This video is from them.
I have quills, spoons, anemone, Incurve, thistles, pom poms. But not a great show this year. Here is Kings catalogue, you can order plugs to get started in spring, and tell them I sent you!

The catalogue to order, start small

The water garden, my idea to control springs in the yard, but I know we need a much larger water garden, this will have to be dug deeper and expanded.

And I need to weed it, it's amazing how fast weeds swarm to dirt that isn't occupied!

Nefertiti stands guard
and precious flowers bushes bloom all spring, summer and fall.
Pond built May 22, 23, 24th..of this year. We really need to finish it up.