Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Images, from election night; Seattle, Wallingford...

 Above, Pizza House

Kuan Yin Tea House, a favorite place of mine IN Wallingford on 45TH
For years. And recalling my gentle giant friend Lars , 6'8" from Sweden now, having tea here before he went home to Sweden. They have nice food, healthy stuff, desserts, Teas, including hojicha, etc...nice tea pots, and cups, etc. And wifi.

A rug store, I love Persian Rugs...

Above a Thai Restaurant I have gone to forever, and looky!

 I voted, but I vote absentee every year cause iN washington, we are set up for everyone to vote absentee!
Try it in your state!

Went to The Guild 45th to see The Sessions tonight, wow!