Friday, March 18, 2011

International Hostel at Ft Worden. Port Townsend WA, and comparison with other international hostels

I will volunteer to travel to compare hostels worldwide..

To be honest, at 27.37 per person per night  (up from 19.00 on member 5 years ago) for a hostel that you must check out of by 10:30 am and doesn't open again until 5:30 pm I  think they could put some comfortable foam rubber on the beds, plus,  the hours are not accommodating I feel. I was disappointed. The same manager was there, and he is very nice, but the hostel shouldn't just be a home for whoever runs it.

Olympic Hostel

 When I was here many times before waffles batter was mixed in the morning.  Iron on, at least..Now I guess there is a bread machine that makes bread automatically, and it's put out for the customers. I didn't have any. To be honest, it wasn't comfortable there anymore with the new restrictions. I felt that I wasn't really welcome, that somehow I was just in the way of whoever lived there.
Wasn't a good feeling.

I understand maybe they don't get enough help or funding, but if you can't operate it as a hostel is to be operated where people feel comfortable and have a place during the day to go in and out and prepare food, then what is it for?

I decided to check other hostels for prices to be fair, you can compare:
Portland 2 hostels 20 and 22.00 I have stayed here as well.

8am - 12midnight; 24 hour access for registered guests

San Diego  2 hostels 32.00 breakfast included and  another 23. 00breakfast included.
 I am not sure of the breakfast is just bread machine bread or not?
I've been invited to SD in May for a lecture and seeing my friends Lisa; Rachel and Ron.

Philadelphia, 2 hostels 31.00 and 20. 00

Buffalo, Niagara

Bethel ME

 I see that most of the links for the hostels on this site aren't listed with them actually, so I looked into other hostels to compare. But I noticed the ones that were more expensive were definitely upgraded from what the photos show. Nice modern kitchens etc. Now I see these links only take you to the hi hostel page, sorry.. Maybe I'll fix it! Later..

I see some prices increase seasonally, prices I am posting are for tonight for example.

Sweden 16.00 to 22.00

Hanoi, 2.00 to 25.00 US

Glasgow 16 GBP

Lillehammer Norway
330. NOK= 58.00 american
with breakfast buffet

Amsterdam 16.50 EUR

Malta Gozo
12.75 Euro with breakfast, very nice accommodations

Morocco Fez
165.00 MAD, (20.59 US)
 Rabat 70 MAD  (8.73 US) This is in a Riad

Japan 2211 JPY (27.00 US)

Hakodate (3800 JPY)

 Italy Venice  22 EUR
Salerno  15 EUR ( looks inviting)
15 EUR (21.00 US)

France Lyon 21 EUR
with breakfast, and I bet it is good!

Finland Helsinki 22 EUR
Germany Berlin 26 EUR

Greece, Athens 12 to 17 EUR

Ok, I'm stopping now..:)