Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy hearts day!!!

I love china, I guess it springs from childhood where i had my very own china dishes.
This plate is Luminsov, which is Russian. See how my love for China grew to encompass so much in the way of dishes?
 I have Pillivuyt from France, and have had Noritake. I gave the china to my daughter. I had 12 of everything and 14 of many. But I like the classic gourmet white of Pillivuyt, and the tea sets of Luminsov.

My pattern is Queen Anne, but Plisse here is also very nice and easier to find. 
Sancerre is really nice in that it has a very ample size pasta/soup bowl.

 Here are some nice children's tea sets to get a child started on the road to collecting china.

And I want this soup Tureen Next

It's the classic soup Tureen.
And ok, I love these glasses, they're made in Frances oldest glassworks, La Rochere.
They're the bees knees!