Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lake Quinault Lodge, I'm helping pick out new carpet for the stairs and hallways.

Built in 1926 on the shores of Lake Quinault, within the heart of one of only three temperate rain forests in the world, Lake Quinault Lodge is a rustic, historic resort in the Olympic National Forest. 

With access to more than 250 miles of hiking trails in the Quinault Valley – 15 miles of which are within walking distance of the lodge – Lake Quinault Lodge is the perfect starting point for exploring the emerald green forests and surrounding wildlife on and around the lake.

On June 9, 1926, construction on this lodge began with forty-five craftsmen from all over the Pacific Northwest. 
Crews worked around the clock to complete the construction before the rainy season hit. 
Fifty-three days later, on the evening of August 18th, a grand celebration with 500 people officially announced the opening of the Lake Quinault Lodge.