Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nye Beach, Oregon

Mark Twain Room at The Sylvia Beach Hotel

Mark Twain Room

Cafe Mundo at Nye Beach

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is an incredible place for book lovers (Nye Beach in Newport Oregon).
The Hotel has 20 rooms and is perched high over the beach, but a only a step away for a morning or evening walk, and features 3 stories originally built early in the 1900's I believe. Two women from Portland bought and restored as I understand it. Originally I guess a honeymooners location, it now houses 20 rooms designed to express 20 writers and their styles, including ; Twain, Colette, Melville, Dickinson, and Tolkien, Stein, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Fitzgerald, Poe,Virginia Wolff, even Dr Suess.....among others.

Three third floor rooms have full views of the ocean, and Twain at least has a sunny south side porch for relaxing in fresh air above the roar of the ocean below. Many rooms have windows with a view to the north side of the beach, some have no views but there is a library on the west view side and a great room to relax and read, rooms that could have been rented out for more money but are there for the clients use. There is a nice gift store downstairs with cards and other stuff that relates to writing and reading, and the best of life. ( with inspirations to follow your dreams)

There are no TV's, which suits me just fine..and no phones, etc. Designed especially for those of us who love reading and inspiration of great writers and the beach.

My phone died so I only got pictures of two rooms, Colette, and Twain. I am sooo sorry!

This Hotel is listed in the book, 1000 Places To See Before You Die, and I feel very happy I found it a few years ago as I drove all night long to Oregon enjoying my own company exclusively and enjoyably. The Sylvia is just right for me and for a place to write, and exploring Nye Beach is special. The Cafe Mundo has live entertainment and great food! There is a cool bookstore housed (also in an old beach house). Altogether this place is a hit with me.

I'm putting in my request with the Universe to go for up to 2 weeks at the Sylvia to work on short stories..I think I'm perfect for Colettes sunny room, and spaciousness. I can feel the warm sun on my skin already and hear the roar of the beach, and me tapping away at my Macbook keys, and the whirring of my portable printer assuring me I am after all, writing..not 'just' goofing off!