Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tulips starting to bloom in the valley. Puddha, and changing Suzanis out..

Tulip fields.. Refreshing!!!

He's my Puddhart

This velvet Suzani is a real favorite.. 
And pillow with bird, I love! 

Chaise is regal with the Ger wall cover. 
Tulip Bukhara suzani. 

A few minor changes. Drum, tsunami sculpture, green basket. Ok other stuff and a lot more to do. 

I am hardly mended from the surgery but I feel like I'm 16 again. Energy is returning. It's amazing, breathing. 
And pain going and still have some 
Tweaking to do but I am not sure I've ever felt this way exactly. 

Finally doctors and dentists are figuring it out. It's great.