Sunday, January 4, 2015

A very few things I'd do if I had money to work with...

For myself, a few coming up. 

The mums btw were saved, if you read about Kings problem with the mums last year. 
A couple bought out Kings mums, so I will begin ordering plants soon after all, this year.
I really missed doing them
Last year. I was learning so much more each year. Surely I have it down now^^!

I could use a greenhouse but have made do.
Here we don't get the sun and warmth to dry the ground to force feed the plants the phosphrous they need for blooms. However, due to the coolness, the blooms last much longer.
Everything's a trade off.
Nothing wrong with making do.
I put my Kiku under the back porch to protect them from damage on the delicate petals because the rain disturbs the bloom.
You learn other ways of accomplishing things, as you do with glazes and throwing pots or designing tiles or sculpting, as the process goes along.

I'd hoped Paul Allen would get involved and save the day for Kings mums. I was sure a man like him  interested. I couldn't think of anyone else in the area who would care one way or the other. I had a hunch, but things worked out. But the nursery has been moved to Oklahoma.
I was hoping he would hear of their plight and get involved, but he is a busy man,
 a fellow Intp plus born a day after me. Amazing man I think. 

I'll be receiving new suzani's this week. 
This isn't one. The palak is not in my budget.
But it's beautiful isn't it. 
My museum will need a few palaks..
I will be posting suzani's as they arrive and after I have them cleaned and pressed...
My daughter gave me one for Christmas!

Below: A silkscreen I got for Christmas, "Finefish", koi, in the shop being framed. 
Remind me of Japan and how much I love that country and admire the esthetic 
And how I'd love to go this spring to view the cherry blossoms. 

I miss my friends in Japan and especially miss Nagaoka in the fall. I'd love to have my own Japanese 16th century style home complete with garden and koi pond. Mums and peonies.

This pillow top arrives Tuesday. 
I got some money for Christmas and temporarily forgot I need a new computer I'm saving for, among other things, and I bought Suzani's  and stuff. Stay tuned. 

Had a nice trip searching for snow over Christmas and New Years I did find some colorful snowy places. The earth is a miracle of beauty and amazement. 

I've had friends, ( men I dated) tell me they'd give me half their lottery winnings just to see what I'd do with the money. 

I have to laugh. 
I do believe most of them meant it. Darn they didn't win! 

As a strong conceptualist, I have an inventive mind. 
 I download ideas like people download facebook. 

It can be frustrating but usually another interesting idea comes along, so I'm always entertained and happy within myself. 

But I do have great ideas arrive that would serve community. Many of them have already.
My strength is in conception. And I see answers to problems. 

Not necessarily in incorporating things which would take a lot of energy with institutions etc like banks, to accomplish them. I've had businesses before and they were successful but I always have to move on to the next idea. library ideas are so unconventional. I wish I wish someone would lend an ear. One library was started when I introduced the idea at a public forum years ago but I moved away and didn't get to oversee it. The wrong person in charge. Changes everything. 

My traveling yurt museum of art. 
Drooling over this incredible proposition. 

Making a difference begins with children, and art. Art anyway isn't what is made. It's a way of thinking. The thought is first. 

BTW Hello Fairbanks Alaska!