Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving in Austin with my daughter Daphne and family.

We went to this Koi garden/nursery, and Shirley, the owner from Scotland and I became friends very quickly. It was lovely here. We bought some ficus pumila for Daphne's pond areas.
Ill add some pics of her garden area, and pond.

We had a quick lunch at Chik Fil A on this day.. umm, I had forgotten all about Chik Fil A.
 I had to have these certain foods you know; like tamales, and barbeque, Schlotzsky's, and Chik Fil A.
The tamales were heavenly, from a conviences store!
A friend drove from Dallas to visit me, and we went out for Bar be que one night.
Thanks Mark!! It was good to see you again.

Pretty yellow flowers
Daph and I hung out here for a few hours, but mostly we just stayed around the house with family, and enjoyed the yard and visiting.
 Her home is very lovely, a garden that is just plain relaxing. And the kids and all of us had a marshmallow fight. We had to pick up the mess though so the dogs wouldn't eat them and get sick. We had fun.
Thanksgiving was ver very nice. I had missed family occasions so much.
She has invited me back for Christmas but I haven't made plans yet.
 I was also invited to California, I guess I had better decide.

Nice sculptures

Daphne cooks, but many hands help out..

The pooches like to sun on the stairs

Daphne who says she isn't photogenic.

Karen, who is apparently going somewhere. All teens are always going somewhere. :)
I stayed in Karen's room, That was very nice of Karen to share her room with me.

Here are the pooches getting a drink in the yard

This is Fancy...
..and this is Paco
I miss you all......!
I'm sorry I just forgot to take more photos..
we had so much fun visiting, and cooking, shopping, etc.