Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lily Time...and Harvesting Garlic Time

As the garlic grows it will put out seed tops.
Cut these off to spare garlic growth, and
Put them in a jar of olive oil in frig.
Use this for garlic flavoring until your garlic is harvested and cured to use.

Lilies are everywhere now. Including on hikes.
So look out for lilies. 

One unusual hydrangea. 

Garlic dug up.
Keep out of sun until you can hang it for curing.
I've got mine in a large pottery container where is dark and dry for now.
Soon it'll be hanging to cure.
See below...

When the bottom leaves turn browner than this, it's time to harvest garlic.
If you wait it could shed its wrapper and you'll find cloves unwrapped.

Dig the garlic up, don't pull it up. Shake dirt off but don't wash. Hang in groups of 10 in a shaded dry space. They'll grow some still after being dug up. Hang to cure until the stalks are all dry and you can cut a few at 2" and squeeze the stalk to make sure it's dry. Then when all dry, cut off all but about 11/2" of the roots, then wearing rubber gloves you can rub the garlic between your hands to remove some outside layers of the papery covering of the bulb. Now it's clean.
Garlic is now ready to use.

It's lily time in gardens and in nature.
If you go hiking, look for lilies.