Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cascade Loop

Diablo Lake North Cascades 

The river flowing very fast and swollen from snowmelt.
Looking for a room by the river, we found one  almost, in, the river!
Yes this photo is feet from our room.

Below, river along a campground is the Icicle river.
Leavenworth WA the states largest tourist attraction.
I was surprised though, the populace Saturday night was largely young people, smoking a lot on sidewalks next to businesses that had closed, using cells phones speaking obscenities, drunken and it was not the usual gathering of people I'd been accustomed to in this small tourist town.
Maybe they can get away with more in this town but I'm not inclined to  enjoy the behavior. 

Lupines were in profuse in many areas of the Cascade Loop, from up around Diablo Lake
The 8 mile campsites at Icicle river (where I had good luck with video).
The wind was rustling and flowers were fragrant blowing about.

Diablo Lake area, Canada Geese and they had chicks.