Saturday, May 27, 2017

Springtime brings flowers and energy, garden, suzanis to life.

My studio airing out.
Potters wheel in waiting.
But primarily I'm not a potter. I'm a sculptor and I design tiles in relief.
Throwing is something I do but it's not my forte.
I'm pretty good at it though and I teach throwing as well.

My garden gets seeded finally. Radish, beets, carrots, garlic was in last fall,
 lettuce, brocelli, etc
Many types of radish which has great healing capacity.

Alex, sends these from Uzbekistan to me.
This red one on cotton velvet, (called bakhmal).
It's an antique made in Tashkent Uzbekistan.
The Silk Road. Pommegranites adorne this one below, very common on suzanis.
This one is machine, not hand embroidery as most all of mine are.
These were dowry items and have been made by women thousands of years
dating back to Sogdia. When Russia took over Uzbekistan I've heard women were no longer allowed to make these. Now free again, but the suzani making has stopped except for
machine embroidered ones.
They are well made but lacking the natural beauty of hand embroidery.