Sunday, April 23, 2017

Seattle Saturday Night

Dinner at Anthony's  with friends last night, strolled the sculpture garden st Myrtle Edwards Park. 
Dinner was ok,.. the food in Seattle isn't so great. 
Or in the area. 
I think people don't complain just because it is upsetting to complain and so food gets worse and worse. 
I asked about size of the Lingcod  pieces and basically got no real answer. Just double talk. 

It's measured out can't tell you how large pieces are. 

Anthony's in Everett they tell you. 
Anyway I'd wanted to go to Le Pachet anyway, or maybe Arnies. 
Arnies has a few good dishes. 

So we just shared a plate. No sense buying a lot of mediocre food I always say. 

It's was nice walking and temperature was fine. 
We visited in an apartment then drove home and even though I still wanted to get some good French wine at Le Pachet. 
Hiking today. Hopefully not too early cause I'm very sleepy now.