Monday, August 19, 2013

A very special day, thank you for a most memorable day!

Max, and family visited this Sunday from Champagne, FR.
It was a charming visit. We chatted around the bistro table in the backyard. I learned about French culture a little. Must go to France now to complete studies..^^

  (I learned kids in France can learn to drive to get license at age 18, and driving classes cost about $5,000.00. The may date at 16, but if they can't drive until 18.

We drove to LaConner, and got berries, and salmon for dinner, and Gus got a double dip of Snow Goose ice-cream. He is growing and need a lot of food. Double scoop was no big deal for him.We went to shops but the were closing up.

Still,. Flo found Italian pottery, and we both liked it very much. I think we like some of the same things!

Me and Mike with Flo, Gus, and Val
We made a dinner of corn on the cob, (which they don't get in France), and Baked potato, salmon was grilled and also baked in foil with onion and lemon). It was very good King salmon, very fresh and best place to get it is LaConner. We had champagne, this champagne they brought for me from France,
The wine for Kings, the King of wines. ( Max says).
 It was the best champagne I ever had! 
We also had berries, and cheese.
 Mostly we had fun!

 Pictures Max took; LaConner, Skagit River, Through the kitchen window, and salmon steaks!

Mike did a great job on the salmon, thank you Mike.

Val understands English very well, and could be fluent just staying with me next summer!
                          I think she and Gus should come back to visit.
                    Flo and Max can come and spend the vacation here the rest of summer!
I have a plan!

photo by Max
Valentine, Puddha, and Augustine

I think Flo and I could make jellies and jams, and pick berries together.  
Walk the beaches...with Flo and Val, and Gus.  
And Max could do some writing while we shop^^. 

Max has 3 books out now, and will begin another this fall.
I must learn French to read these books!

Val and Gus@LaConner

                                    What a beautiful family, I didn't want them to go.
We will miss them very much, Puddha liked having extra attention, too, but they must get home to Croquette, their beautiful la chat.
 Hopefully we will you all again soon!