Saturday, December 8, 2012

Under the tree too.

Under The Tree, a crow
Umbrellas and birds, flowers, and traditional ornaments

I plunk a tree in a small pot wedged with styrofoam.

Add water and hope I won't have a catastrophe.
It's happened!

One year all my German glass ornaments were on one of three
 small trees we had, and they almost all broke.

On the tree, real roses, dried flowers from the garden, 
and home made ornaments, as well as ribbons from packages..

The little skunk ornament I made years ago, it's a christmas card
glued to a styrofoam shape and coated and buffed with wax.

I made them with my lovely, amazing Grandma and my children...
I learned everything I know from my Grandma, and her amazing strength; goodness, talents, skills, and l o v e ..

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