Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple things in life are best. Pine cones from a walk in wilderness. Seashell calling, rose bud. Pottery. Kiku...beautiful.

My chrysanthemums, kiku in Japanese,  video, The Thousand bloom chrysanthemum, amazing..
Which take cultivation and care were stressed because we were away twice for 2 weeks late summer and fall. I had to leave them under shelter in water to maintain their lives while away. The Puddha went to the Catspaw. We went to Montana to visit Mikes sister and her family. 
So mums didn't get put in the ground. We didn't do much yard work this year. It was a crazy hectic year all around. But look, kiku bloom! And here is a pottery dish filled with simple natural beauties. The pine ones from pine trees in Wyoming at Yellowstone where we walked looking for buffalo and elk. 
A rose bud from years past dried and lovely. Life is like this rosebud sometimes, fragile and yet lovely. Life sometimes is a terrible beauty. 
Love surrounds however, and animates  All. 

This lovely flower. Mums began as one simple roadside flower in China. Small. Yellow, blooming in fall. A sight to enjoy. They began recreating this flower. Now it numbers in thousands of varieties brightening fall days everywhere. Proof life creates and animates all. 
Whatever happens, life is breathing us. Love is filling everything. 
Take a deep breathe in, feel the love!
Look for simple beauty. 
Appreciate what is. 
Because it is.