Saturday, October 13, 2012

Archie Bray Helena Montana

I'm drawn to this pole of glazed matt bricks. The Foundation is a cool place to walk and discover,a  quiet and reflective place..The bricks are soft looking and touchable..muted tones..

...Mike, and Laurie and I walked Archie Bray for hours today, so peaceful to be in an artist space, unlike people who have, "by laws" etc real artists are naturally, un-legalistic and don't like rules and laws, and just seem to express their dark sides in art rather than offensively in society, therefore not needing laws. As a result, there's this natural law, "people flow where real artists go".

Artists also by nature are not very judgmental, but are naturally open and peaceful humans, be-ing..

I find it fascinating, how comfortable it is around real art folk, which is more a way of thinking and being than even making or creating, except that something is naturally created in the presence of real artistic beings. And it is art, but may have no form!

And so we walked here hours and never saw a soul, and the only signs were warning signs around collapsing beehive kilns..

So nice on the eyes, pale yellow mixed with natural grasses.