Thursday, July 19, 2012

Company from Japan and a 36 hour tour of Oly Pen.

We have company!
(BTW, to my friend in Fairbanks), I'm so sorry your relationships aren't working out,
nice of you to keep coming to my blog, and so forth, I hope you get what you deserve though,  remember to watch your favorite movie, the pink panther.

 During the Tsunami, I took advantage of A Japanese page circulating on FB to make some new Japanese friends.

They both wanted to swim and kayak and see nature, because Michael and I enjoy nature.
So we took them on a 3 day tour of The Olympic Peninsula.
First to The Quinault Lodge, one of my hide aways. And a place I found when Mike was out of town once years ago, and I took him there finally.

We all had a great time hiking through the trees, and eating in the great restaurant.

These swimming photos were from Lake Crescent Lodge..cold water!!!!!

Lake is 9.5 miles long nad a mile and a half deep, clear.. Beautiful..
Michael was on the veranda when I took these Photos.
This lake is a special place where we have been many times,
for lunch or staying for a spell, and I stay myself spring and fall to watch clouds..