Friday, December 19, 2014

On Sony and Un-erasable messages, caught on tape..todays dilemma, is it yours?

Imagine simple repercussions waiting in the wings to fall upon many heads.. now after Sony/ N Korea Debacle

Consider, all the women, for example, on the edges of their seats about now because of photos they have sent online of themselves in compromising positions; example, maybe a mother dressed in nothing, except an invitation to a man who she is desperate to obtain from another woman. Good old Mom who thinks she has a relationship because she will offer him treats. She is beefy, and likes to roller derby, a real doll, face like a pekinese.....

 The audio clips probably saved anyway by several people by now, maybe listened to around a neighborhood or two, of a woman, mother once again, portraying herself as a born again christian, innocent, and whose friends would flip if they only knew of her  desperation, and lies to everyone..,everyone, especially, herself, of her  running after a man leaving compromising voice mails of herself attempting to lure him to visit her by recording sexual activities on her own part to ensure he would indeed arrive that 4th of July.  Those 4th of Julys!

Oh my, and sure, it will never go away,  these recordings, and millions like them. Surely these 'ladies' knew what privacy really meant? But wait, they were, desperate, to have a man. So many women running round with baseball bats in various shapes and sizes, some pink and wiggly called The Pink Panther maybe... women beating the bushes, ahem, to club a man and try to keep him, willing to do anything, regardless of the pain they cause others. Pretty sick ladies, too bad their recordings are probably already passed from one Gov't spy to another gov't spy for entertainment. I heard it said one woman growled in her messages. Yes, they do go around.

These messages could find their way to bosses of said women, at anytime, who could see how unfit they actually are for the positions they have assumed, (no pun intended) in a way of extreme cruelty to another woman, another family. Certainly unfit for any job working with other women, or say teaching piano to young boys and girls. Such I imagine as that. In some far off place like Alaska, for instance, where there are so many men to go round, one has to wonder.

Books will unfold without any imagination I may have, sprinkled with certain things perhaps taken  from others notes written in margins of others lives. Yes, now on the menu, it may be you!

Now you are forever on the menu, along side your words, "behind baby", not referring to where to park the car....

Bad taste, desperation is always bad taste....

Hollywood has nothing on everyday ordinary America.
 If you want to make another bad movie, there's plenty of," isn't life stranger than fiction," entertainment. You don't really have to go for the story of assassinating a leader who is still alive, bad taste, (just like so many 'nasty girls' you could be writing about who have bad taste). And of course the men who also play out fantasies with women who will do 'anything' just to have, a man (but he will never pick them when there are so many others waiting in line at say; Safeway, Alcoholic Treatment Centers , and REI stores, hiking trails), not the bar you always think of where people who have had one too many show up for interesting encounters of a dumbed down kind with drunken ladies, no , no , we have here a different scenario boys and girls. The purest sluts only, no alcohol needed!

 Imagine that jazzy little song could be used in your movie about handing her phone number out to a stranger..good ole mom, always looking out for the best man for her children, not!

 So charming,  this man, the covert narcissist, unfit for any woman, (well maybe fit for a few duds) but loved by everyone, his family thinks he is such a nice man, so kind. Now there's a story that will unglue America without taking out an entire movie company or pissing off another country, not to mention your boss and fellow actors, the president, friends and neighbors, family.  Tsk Tsk,.. is all I have to say.. about that! (apologies to Forrest Gump)

Films impacted by violence

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Roses

Pacific NW. Must have umbrellas!!

Angels always...

Roses instead of Amanita Muscaria

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Christmas Season

Many wishes for joy!

The little bell skunk ornament I made long ago...

The fisher angel in cowboy boots a wonderful gift from my friend Dorothy. 
Below she shares space with the cow..

The bull and crow among other creatures under the tree. 

The newest ornament this year from Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver BC. 

Crissmiss Time Again.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pacific Giant Pumpkin Soup

This pumpkin makes the best soup. 
Better than butternut Squash. 
Of course pumpkin is a squash. All squashes and pumpkins aren't created equal. 

I garnish my squash soup with strawberry homemade preserves. Some use cream or sour cream or yogurt even. 

This soup is made with pumpkin 5 cups steamed
Celery and 1/2 onion, 1 carrot, 5 florets cauliflower, vegetable broth, hot pepper flakes and curry powder with salt and pepper. 
I cook ingredients until softish then purée until smooth. 

I keep it warm all day in a thick black bean pot and serve with a thick slice of walnut cranberry artisan bread. 
And salad......

Great winter fare. 

Soup Time

Using few ingredients left before shopping..
My own Pacific Giant squash
Curry Powder
Hot pepper flakes
Udon noodles

Really clears the sinuses...

I think cauliflower 
And coconut oil would be nice with this too. 
Baby Bok Choy is always delicious. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hiking yesterday with friends...

Was fun, friends who like hiking, gardening, canning etc.  from out of state and may be moving here. 

It was a nice hike. I got warmed up pretty quick. 

Wallace Falls

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Vancouver Trip...

Hotel at Stanley Park where we usually always stay. 

Some Vancouver City Lights!

The Museum of Anthropology, amazing collections! 

Nice vacation in Vancouver BC again...

Tea and dinner, Japanese.