Friday, May 22, 2015

Sunset, pink cloud, peony

Old friends

It's hard to imagine in these days of internet, not hearing from old friends.
But I've only just heard from an old friend after decades of not hearing word and being concerned for their safety in Japan after earthquakes and so on to their region.

I was over joyed and felt my heart would burst. It was a re connection to time being in Japan and making friends with new people of that culture.

I wanted to share photos but there internet is still very slow so they may not be able to find even this site.
I find it hard to believe.
I have friends from all over the world whom I visit on FB. And yes this is where this friend was found but inactive.

So some places still slumber in this respect.

In these photos are examples of chrysanthemum I cultivate.

Garden I've grown.
Ceramic tiles of my design.
A flower called mountain laurel starting to bloom in my yard, and it reminds me of origami and Japan.

And my big suzani ( embroidery) on the wall from Samarkand Uzbekustan. The. Silk Road.

Art is in every corner of my life although I have not lately been making art in the sense that some think of making art.
But that sense narrows art.

Art is life.
Art is a way of perceiving life.
It is not only the action of writing a poem, it is in a certain observation of life that permeates.

So it is an awareness.
And in this we all are artist.
It isn't always necessary to be making and doing.

It is enough to be, alive.
Each person regardless has intrinsic value. We are not only the facade of this body we wear, but we are that which is everything. That which is all.

We are complete.
We are as Naoto says.
Love itself.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A pot made by me and Iichiro (with red quince )

Some pots I made hat culminated in meeting someone who would become a great friend.

My chrysanthemums I grew probably because I was in Japan, and it inspires me to this day..

No Chatto, it is Puddha

I wish I had the kimono from this designing..
I could get rid of all the others if i just had this one..

The quince in the pot Iichiro made and I glazed in rake..

My black and white pots....

Hi friends

Me at the beach studying a piece of driftwood

The red raku pot

The other day, I could have laundered my hair, but, oh well..

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's Spring in the North Cascades!

Diablo Lake 
Seattle City Lights
Electrical facilities in the N. Cascades. 

A beautiful peak. I don't know which it is. 
Hopefully I'll know it's name soon. 
Came out to see the new snow in the mountains. 

Now just lazing around by the Chewuch River, watching geese, ducks, Eagles. 
Beautiful days of springtime.  
We had new snow so had to come looking for it. Enjoyed Lake Diablo and Lake Ross, Mazama, and here at Winthrop along the Chewuch River.