Friday, April 29, 2016

MT Rainier

As promised yesterday

Corn Lily, poisonous until after it blooms. Then insects devour it.

Western Pasqueflower
( it has an interesting seed stage)

The Mountain and it's Glaciers.
Last year spring came too early and there was unstable glacial melt.

The Pink Dogwoods are Blooming!

Come back soon for some photos of the Great MT Rainier!
Russian Federation and CA guests. Thank you for so many visits!

Monday, April 25, 2016

I've been busy working for Bernie, caucusing, etc

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Bernie is revealing how a campaign should be run. How democracy works. 
He's not a democrat really, he's independent. 
The two parties are corrupt. 
Bernie is the only democratic candidate but he's not really a democrat because they're totally corrupt. But if you vote for Bernie you'll begin to see integrity in action. 
Btw we are already a socialist country. But 54 % goes to wars. Then the next slice of the budget pie goes to veterans. Wars great devastation. But profits for the ultra rich. Always has. Always will. 

The Walton family is getting 6 billion from our coffers incidentally. 
So if you think your socialized money is going to people who are rich and lazy you may want our social system changed to help those who create the real economy and who hope to create stability in their lives by caring for themselves and their families by earning a wage that isn't just another form of slavery.