Friday, August 26, 2016

The Icicle River

An hour from Mukilteo at Washington's most prominent tourist attraction, the Bavarian 'village' of Leavenworth has nearby beautiful attractions, hundreds of small lovely lakes and the beautiful Icicle River.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bridge over icicle River

A foot Bridge to trails with no switch backs Leading straight up, to Alpine Lakes in the Mountains.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ferry into the fog

Yesterday's fog bank, Beautiful.
 Mukilteo Clinton Ferry
WA State Ferries 

I think I've photographed this bush before when the tone of the beach was 
more sepia and the sunset was bronze. 

Nature herself celebrates the Olympics with gold, silver and bronze. 

Only in this case the Olympics are mountains and the 
Orbs are the sun and the moon and the contests are among the 
sailors on the Sound and whales migrating by, ferries transporting 
adventurers here and yon to celebrate the great beauty of the 
meeting of earth and sky and the fortuitous re-connecting of the 
fog and waves moving in unison like lovers uniting 
then going their not so separate ways recycling  energetics 
fused with life, the yin and yang as one...

Life spirals round and lifts the moisture from the deadened, quickening it to life again as it traverses the cycle of moisture in all it various forms and returning life to life, churning in waves, rumbling where two rivers converge, like thunder, it's heard, if there's ear to record the sound for posterity. 

In rain it pours filling lakes and rivers, and drizzle it alights and seeps deep into trees, in snow it coats the earth with soft blankets softening the sounds, and delights the animals with something to play in while readying to soak the spring flowers with life,  and earth enjoys the moist rocky bones of mothers roots crawling along the ground telling us to slow down and appreciate her awhile, delight on her fields of color. 

And her trees thrusting into the sky to point out the blue  revealing the contrasting wholeness in the intoxicating Dionysian  and the reasoning Apollonian as they play hide and seek as fog where boundaries blur and one cannot be distinguished from the other....

Friday, August 5, 2016

The mountain mysterious

Majestic Mountain, MT Rainier

 A friend has painted this view of Rainier. Wonderful job.
 I have friends who paint my flowers too. It's nice to know that around the world flowers are so appreciated, and our mountains too..

Friday, July 22, 2016

Lake Tipsoo MT Rainier National Park

The meadows will likely be very showy this August due to the late summer and precipitation still occurring at the mountain. The beautiful Lake Tipsoo, soon add color to meadows and be amazed. Grateful for beauty. And rain!

So in 2-3 weeks I'm thinking, look for full bloom. Presently the paint brush are starting to pop and Jacobs ladder, spreading phlox, corn lily blooms later but it's really lovely now and bloom is not its most significant feature. It is poisonous.
The western pasqueflower is ready to pop soon. It's a real favorite with 2 stunning phases.
First the flower fuzzy and white with yellow center, then the Mophead see stage that pulls in equally. Not to be missed, this flower!

We saw a deer with velvet and 5 points I think. It was down the road a ways from sunrise. And a herd of elk from a distance. Chipmunks, Ravens, the fast running White River.

Meanwhile not to be forgotten.. 
Sending my love to friends and all in Turkey. 
My special blogger friend in Istanbul.

Monday, June 27, 2016