Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Natobi Japanese Garden in Vancouver BC

Thank you Mr Natobi. 
When you've walked in this garden, what is left to do?
Fulfillment arises. 

Recently I found this small heart stone at my beach. 

Friday, October 24, 2014


BOOOO...However, Fall is really about KIKU! 

I don't mind kiku sharing the spotlight with Halloween!

This one kiku has 1,416 blooms, took a team of 14 people 18 months to grow!

Longwood Gardens 2013, Philly. I was There!

This one I grew, no small feat! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kubota Garden

Beauty Berry I think went undetected near the exit. 

A pathway through a garden untended...
There are a few meadows. Please, a round greenhouse for cultivating Kiku and in stages so people can learn how to do this themselves. 

Maple seeds that propel around the skies. 

Variegated Dogwood
Beauty Berry. Purple

Monday, October 13, 2014

Kubota Japanese Gardens Seattle

Kabota Gardens, Seattle

Nice winding nature place to walk. Lots of people there to enjoy it. 
Met Maya and her mother and David gardener ( photographer).

It was a nice day. 
The garden needs an architect, Japanese masterful gardener, maybe a dozen of them. 
It really needs a lot of work. 

The ponds are very stagnant. 
The growth is gone wild and there's too much. 

I don't know how they'll manage to 
Get it looking cultivated. 
But I hope they do. 

I think Kiku would make a very nice contribution. 
Maybe some philanthropist will do any funds to get this garden looking like a real Japanese garden. 
What a treasure that would be. 

A Kiku greenhouse maybe? 
I'd work there. 
This year coming up we'll
Have Kiku once again.

Kings mums sold their business in Oregon to Brian in Tulsa. So next year I can order Kiku starts again. 

Still no greenhouse here to grow them in. They're delicate. I manage even though it's cool here for them to grow outdoors. But if I could do some work in a greenhouse I think I'd get an interesting result. The advantage here is blooms last much longer. The problem is getting enough nutrition in them and water for them to grow large and fast. 

Anyway Kings will be at the same site, 
I think that's it. 
America is a step closer to being saved!!
It's the beautiful, sensitive things that matter. For that's cultivated!!
Integrity is cultivated. 

A few focused scenes at Kubotas Garden. 
In Japan leaves appear placed artfully on the pathways. I imagine somehow if we each turned our sensibilities inward to the true nature of ourselves, leaves would somehow fall perfectly 
Randomly in perfect design. 

This leaf fell in Yew 

These are my Pacific Giant ( midget) pumpkins. 
They grew from seed that didn't sprout last year. 
An enormous vine. Deer ate the blooms. 
But I got 4 beautiful pumpkins. 
Very smooth skin. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A recent trip

Water is so beautiful!
A good time was had by all!

Water marks...

An Emerald Isle

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I miss Summertime, but I'm falling into autumn...finally... so beautiful..corn lily is on the way out, but mushrooms are on the way in..

I love to find them pushing out of the ground, all dirty, and shrugging off their earthiness..such power and determination..

Below is the Chicken of the Woods, found at Rialto Beach one year. It had to be more than 50 lbs of mushroom, in perfect fresh condition. I didn't know then that it was edible. I may go looking for it again.

A leaf pattern tree of life suzani celebrates fall 

and...colors pop to life before diving into a restful season..

Below, The Corn Lily in regal black and white, has shed it's poisonousness, and said, goodnight..

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Beautiful Weekend...

Lake Chelan

70 miles long....

A boat trip or flight down the river..

My pilot.. and sea plane an 
Otter.. de Havilland